Earn money with whatsapp, Earn with whatsapp

Earn money with whatsapp

Make Money with whatsapp?

How to

As I can make money with whatsapp? There are people who take advantage of the features
the whatsapp program to make money with wasap. And they do to make money with whatsapp?
One of the ways or secrets to earn money with wasap, used by some people is to add hundreds or thousands of contacts and after having made this step, create a new broadcast message and send to all contacts they have.

In the broadcast message to send, can obviously
be any promotion or advertising for which this person to receive a small incentive
by user action (as may be filling a survey, or register on a site, or buy
something.. and a lot of examples with which to make money with whatsapp.

Earn money with whatsapp

Make Money with whatsapp


Another example of how to make money with whatsapp, can be a person
upload movies to youtube and put advertising on them. With a simple broadcast message
You can send a message with the address of your movies to all your contacts on whatsapp, and earn money with whatsapp  thanks to your movies, as if advertising Clicking it any
your movies, the win a little incentive, a few cents per person
to click on advertising their movies.

This really is not a hoax, it’s a very valid way to advertise, something that
it looks like spam but do not have more serious, we can always do
we want to either see the message, delete it, or read it and follow the movie link
if you want us to do. Nobody forces us. These are just a little ways
to make money with whatsapp. Discuss your ideas users.

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