Wasap Calls

wassap   October 9, 2015   17 Comments on Wasap Calls

Wasap Calls

Now we can call any mobile device through wasap for free and we will analyze this new functionality offered by wasap, which was once the king of the messages from mobile to mobile now claims to be the king of free calls.

This week I decided to make calls with several people wasap public and here the result of my experience on this subject is free to speak and free to call wasap.

The truth is that I can call after whatsapp and make free calls and talk on the phone with people near and far with whatsapp, say I have been very disappointed, when flames and talk whatsapp not hear each other well pesona, in my case it really has not helped me at all, since only a dozen calls I could understand a phrase from a friend, the communication is more than that is my bad experience with whatsapp call.

I wish the readers of this blog wasap comment that you think the eperiencia to use whatsapp free to call any phone anywhere in the world.

The result is that just hanging conversation call and talk with whatsapp because I can not hear well at the other person and eventually just hanging and calling with the balance of my mobile and in this case you will hear perfect so for now I say and I say that call is useless whatsapp not hear well and the communication is not good so the result is negative wasap call, should improve a lot to serve something.

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